Licensing Frequently Asked Questions.

Are licenses per user? Or per machine?

Licenses are on a per-machine basis unless installed on a Windows Terminal Server. Windows Terminal Server installations require each login to have their own license.

Do you have a license that works on multiple machines at once (ie, a consultant)?

Starting with v8 you can now register your license on more than one computer if you use a Microsoft account during the registration process. You can currently register a regular license on up to 2 computers simultaneously. Other licenses may become available that allow more that 2 registrations. Please reach out to support if you desire this type of license.

How often can I register/unregister a license?

You can register/unregister licenses as often and as many times as you like. Activating the license on a new computer automatically deactivates the license on the old computer.

Does my license expire or require maintenance?

Licenses are perpetual and so they do not expire or require any annual subscription or maintenance fee.

Do I have to pay for upgrades?

Each license includes free support and all minor updates are free, ie from v7.0 to v7.1. However, about once a year a new major version is released which includes updated compatability for Visual Studio and Dynamics365 along with new features. To upgrade to the new major version, a new license key is required. Depending on which version you are upgrading from will determine the price to upgrade. To get an idea of upgrade pricing, please see our current pricing on our purchase page here.

How do upgrade licenses work?

If you "upgrade" a license, you are really just receiving a new license key for the new version. The old license key is only valid for the original version when you purchased it, and the upgrade key is only valid for the newer version. The old license key continues to work for the older version of the software. A license can only be upgraded once. An upgraded license key CAN be used to upgrade to another newer version at which point another new license key will be issued. Please note that bulk discounts DO NOT apply when upgrading licenses.

Do I have to pay for support?

Free support is provided during your trial period and after purchasing a license. To contact support please see our contact page here.

Can I have multiple different major versions of XrmToolkit installed at once?

Yes... but there can only be one version of XrmToolkit installed for each version of Visual Studio at a time. To accomplish this you would need multiple versions of Visual Studio installed, whether that is a completely different version of Visual Studio or a "Preview" version. For example, you could have XrmToolkit v6 installed for Visual Studio 2017 while v7 is installed for Visual Studio 2019. Or you could have v6 installed for Visual Studio 2019 and v7 installed for Visual Studio 2019 Preview. Each different major version requires a different license key as license keys are specific to a major version of XrmToolkit.