CRM Assets (web resources, etc)


  • Plugin Project Features - Features and actions available at the project level.
  • Create Plugin or Workflow - Use the wizard to easily create a custom plugin or workflow.
  • Edit Plugins and Steps - You can edit plugins and steps with a built in plugin registration tool.
  • Copy Plugins to another Organization - You can copy plugins/workflows from one CRM organization to another.
  • ILMerge - XrmToolkit can use ILMerge to automatically merge your dll's together to create a single dll that is published to CRM.
  • MSBUILD - Learn how to inject your custom MSBUILD actions into XrmToolkits build process for plugins

Proxy Classes

PCF Controls (Power Apps Control Framework)

XrmToolkit CLI

  • Publish your custom plugin and workflow assemblies to Dynamics 365 using the XrmToolkit CLI.


Entity Permissions

XrmToolkit.Linq - Enhanced Linq Query Provider

  • Linq Query Provider - Enhanced query provider for using Linq syntax to query your Dynamics 365 Organization.