Executing FetchXML Queries.

XrmToolkit allows you to create and execute FetchXML queries directly in Visual Studio. If the query is from a user or system view then you can publish them back to Dynamics 365 with the click of a single button.

Any xml file that conatins the <fetchxml> node can be executed. The following is an example of a system view that was downloaded as an asset to the project:

Right-clicking on the file in the Visual Studio solution explorer window will show the following menu with one of the commands being: "Execute FetchXML Query":

Executing the command will open up the query results window:

Notice the 3 buttons in the results window:

  • Results - Displays the query results in a grid
  • XML - Displays the query results in XML format
  • Refresh - Refreshes the results based on the current query in the editor window

Once the results have been displayed, you can edit the fetchxml query in the editor window and use the 'Refresh' button to see the updated results.