Modifying SSRS and FetchXML Reports.

XrmToolkit allows you to download and publish both SSRS and FetchXML based reports. Please see the prerequisites section below for information on what is required.

Downloading Reports to Visual Studio

To download reports to Visual Studio, right-click on the Report Project in the Visual Studio Solution Explorer window and select the 'Add Reports to Project' button:

Pressing this button shows the following window:

You can filter the reports by using the 'Solution' dropdown. After selecting the reports that you want to download, press the 'Add To Project' button. The report/s are now added to your project as shown below.

To learn about using Visual Studio to modify or create reports, see Microsoft's documentation found here.

Prerequisites for working with SSRS Reports

You can use Visual Studio 2017 and 2019 to edit and publish SSRS reports to Dynamics 365. However, there are some prerequisites that must be downloaded and installed from Microsoft first in order to be able to do so.