Actions You Can Perform on CRM Assets.

XrmToolkit allows you to download, edit and publish web resources directly from Visual Studio. To learn more about how to download web resources from CRM see the documentation found here. You can also create a new web resource or link to an existing web resource.

Web Resource Actions

The following menu will appear when you right-click an item in your Visual Studio project that has already been linked to CRM:

  1. Publish [Web Resource] file to CRM - Pressing this button saves the document if necessary and publishes it to CRM.
  2. Edit [Web Resource] file from CRM - Edit the different CRM properties of the file.
  3. Compare to CRM - Allows you to compare your local file to what is stored in CRM. See here for more details.
  4. Download [Web Resource] file from CRM - Downloads the currently published file in CRM and overwrites the local file.
  5. Remove link to CRM - Unlinks the current file from CRM. You can re-link it via the 'Add [Web Resource]' menu item. For more information see the documentation found here.