Turn Off Automatic Updates.

Unintentional Upgrade?:
If you were upgraded unintentionally to a new major version of XrmToolkit, we apologize. Unfortunately the upgrade process is currently out of our control. Please vote for the following suggestion to change this behavior: Provide control over extension update process

Turning off automatic updates is done completely within Visual Studio as there is no functionality within XrmToolkit that performs automatic updates. To turn this off within Visual Studio you can try the following 2 methods:

  • Turn it off just for XrmToolkit
  • Turn it off globally for all extensions

Turn off Automatic Updates for XrmToolkit

Go to the 'Tools -> Extensions and Updates' menu within Visual Studio:

Find the 'XrmToolkit' extension under the 'Installed' extensions and de-select the 'Automatically update this extension' checkbox:

Still Having Problems?
Some users have reported that changing this setting has no effect. Unfortunately this is a Visual Studio issue and would need to be addressed with Microsoft directly. Turning off updates for all extensions by following the directions below seems to resolve the issue.

Turn Off Automatic Updates Globally

To turn off updates for all extensions navigate to the 'Tools -> Options' menu in Visual Studio:

Find the 'Extensions and Updates' page under the 'Environment' node:

Ensure that both checkboxes for automatic updates are un-checked as shown in the image above.