JavaScript or TypeScript intellisense not working.

There are several reasons why the JavaScript or TypeScript intellisense may not be working properly:

Support for JavaScript intellisense files have been dropped in v7+. VS2017+ uses a new JavaScript parsing engine which unfortunately broke the JavaScript intellisense functionality. There is also no good solution to this. However, the TypeScript intellisense is a great alternative. For more information on how to transition to TypeScript, see: Start using TypeScript with XrmToolkit
  • The metadata cache needs to be refreshed. For more information see here.
  • The references to the intellisense files are in the wrong order. The form specific file must be above the Xrm.js or Xrm.d.ts file.
  • Some issues have been found when using the 'Resharper' addin. Please disable the addin to see if this is your issue.