What's New in v8.

Support for VS2022. Ticket

The wait is finally over. Support for Visual Studio 2022 has arrived! All of your favorite features, and some great new features all wrapped in 64-bit goodness!

Register XrmToolkit on multiple computers with the same license. Ticket

You can now register XrmToolkit on multiple computers at the same time with a Microsoft account. Simply press the 'Login to Microsoft Account' button during the registration process and use the same email address for all registrations. The standard license allows you to register on 2 computers at the same time. Other licenses may become available that allow for more than 2 registrations.

Support for PCF Projects (Power Apps Control Framework) Ticket

You can now link your Power Apps Control Framework projects with XrmToolkit and get all of the integrated goodness right from within Visual Studio. For more information see the documentation here.

PCF ControlManifest.Input.xml Editor Ticket

Editing the ControlManifest.Input.xml file has never been easier with the built-in full-feature editor. For more information see the documentation here.

Support for new NuGet packaging for plugin assemblies (Dependent Assemblies).

You can now reference 3rd party dlls in your plugin assembly projects without needing ILMerge or some other magic. Dependent assemblies (now in preview) allow you to package your plugin assembly into a NuGet package and deploy to Dataverse. XrmToolkit makes this easy by allowing you to select "NuGet package" as the assembly merge type.

Custom API Support

Registering and editing your custom API's and their input/output parameters can now be done in the same place as registering your plugins or workflows.

Custom API support has been added to the 'Create New Plugin' wizard.

Proxy Class Enhancements

LINQ Query Provider Enhancements

Integrated Support for PolySharp

When creating a new plugin/workflow project, you have the ability to make the project compatible with the latest C# versions by adding the 'PolySharp' NuGet package and selecting a C# version to target:

Misc Enhancements

Breaking Changes

The 'TableNames' and 'MessageNames' files are generated as 'public const string' values instead of 'static readonly string' values. This should not break any code but is something to be aware of.